Review: Jay Z @ Sportpaleis

21 october 2013. The day every hip hop fan had been waiting for had arrived. The concert hall wasn’t sold out but the people who weren’t there missed out on a great concert. Jay kicked off the concert with the classic ‘You Don’t Know’. In the next song ‘Crown’ Jigga immediately lets us know who we’re dealing with. “You’re in the presence of a king, scratch that, you’re in the presence of a god.”

After Jay Z had set the tone it was time for ‘Holy Grail’ which was kind of disappointing to say the least. Jigga got back on his feet and made things right with ‘Fuck With Me You Know I Got It’. I loved the fact that Jay Z went back to basics for this concert with a minimalist stage. This man knows how to please a crowd just by rapping acapella and having tight rhymes. The show was totally different then when he came to Antwerp with Kanye WestΒ for the ‘Watch The Throne’ tour. That show was very visual. A bit too much at times.

In the middle of his show Jay Z left the stage and Timbaland who had joined him for this European tour got his thirty minutes of fame. The legendary producer took us back to the past with songs he made for Missy Elliot, Aaliyah and Justin Timberlake. He also previewed a new song he produced for Drake and Jay Z which I really loved.

After the break Jay Z performed a lot of his older songs which is always fun although I would have preffered to see him perform the songs of the new album ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’. When I heard the intro of ‘Niggas In Paris’ I already knew what was going to happen. Jay Z asked the people in the crowd to make circles and asked them to go crazy when the beat dropped. It was something he and Kanye West introduced at the ‘Watch The Throne’ tour. It was fun at the time but this time it was just too much. It wasn’t that genuine anymore. Jay Z finished with ‘Young Forever’. A perfect way to end this concert if you ask me.


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