Daiji Paris Spring/Summer 2015 Lookbook

Founded in 2013 in Paris, Daiji – ‘inestimable’ in Japanese – combines dark poetry and urban design. The French brand brings together Parisian, American and Asian influences. It thrives on street culture, architecture and art. The emblem of its collections is a baroque frame printed or embroidered on shirts, hoodies, hats and caps, revealing dark romantic paintings.

The new tee-shirt line from Daiji Paris flirts with art and oscillates between light and shadow. The brand’s signature frame surrounds roses in half-light, adorns a cameo or, emptied and miniaturized, finds itself embroidered on the chest. These street smart and sophisticated tee-shirts are available in a dark color palette. Check out the lookbook below and shop the collection here.

daijiparis_SD_01 daijiparis_SD_02 daijiparis_SD_03 daijiparis_SD_04 daijiparis_SD_05 daijiparis_SD_06 daijiparis_SD_07 daijiparis_SD_08 daijiparis_SD_09 daijiparis_SD_10 daijiparis_SD_11 daijiparis_SD_12 daijiparis_SD_13 daijiparis_SD_14 daijiparis_SD_15 daijiparis_SD_16 daijiparis_SD_17



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