Photographer Vicky Moon Captures The Nighttime With ‘Expired L.A.’

Expired L.A. is an ongoing series of photographer Vicky Moon‘s exploration of Los Angeles at night. On her pink scooter and a camera with expired 4×5 film, she roams the streets of L.A. to capture the neon lights of liquor stores, motels, churches, etc. The rolls of expired film she uses to shoot her haunting images are almost as old as the signs of the dingy motels that have a hard time to keep the light on. She found the film at a flea market and found out that it was manufactured over 35 years ago. In order to get the images onto the stale film, she has to keep steady and keep the shutter of her camera open for as long as 45 minutes. Now that, my dear friends, is called dedication.

“I wanted to shoot at night because I feel that L.A. changes drastically from night to day. There’s this quietness that L.A. has when it’s dark that is really nice,” the photographer says. “It’s like you can finally have a conversation with the city without having to shout.”

Peep some of my favourite images below and check out the full series here.

ExpiredLa1 ExpiredLa2 ExpiredLa3 ExpiredLa4 ExpiredLa5 ExpiredLa6


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