VSCO Presents “A New Wave of Hip Hop” Featuring Goldlink & Rick Rubin

Legendary music producer Rick Rubin, one of hip hop’s most influential figures, has helped shape the musical landscape of the past thirty years, producing artists like Beastie Boys, Run-D.M.C, Slayer, Johnny Cash, Adele, Kanye West, and Jay Z. Rick works out of his Malibu Shangri La recording studio, crafting the next generation-defining sound.

VSCO had the chance to visit Shangri La and get a sneak preview of Rick Rubin’s next collaborative project with up-and-coming artist GoldLink. A Washington D.C. native, Goldlink’s self-released nine-track The God Complex dropped last year, catching Rick’s attention for its “non hip hop – hip hop direction,” as Rick calls it. GoldLink pulls his “futuristic bounce sound from hip hop, with go-go vibes and textures baked in, reflective of his D.C. influence. He credits his sound to a long, detailed process “of weeks to months of nonstop studying of a million things and little to no sleep,” musical influences that range from the gospel his mother played, to Benny Sings, Willie Nelson, and the Hot Boys and old 50 Cent that his brother introduced him to.

VSCO 1 VSCO 2 VSCO 3 VSCO 4 VSCO 5 Image by Rog Walker VSCO 8 VSCO 7


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