K1X Spring/Summer 2015 Lookbook

Germany-based streetwear label K1X has released a lookbook for its spring/summer seasonal range. Founded in 1993, the company set out to blend basketball culture with hip-hop sensibilities. Staying true to its roots, this collection draws inspiration from a tactical game akin to both: chess. The use of knights and rooks emphasize the importance of balancing a strong offense with an even stronger defense. Accompanying this release is the Fuck Y’all Pack which is an ode to the infamous Jail Blazers squad who were notorious for their off-court behavior. Furthermore, the collection primarily focuses on printed longsleeve T-shirts, mesh jerseys, crewneck sweaters and performance basketball sneakers. The collection is available at K1X‘ online shop and colette.

K1X 1 K1X 2 K1X 3 K1X 4 K1X 5 K1X 6 K1X 7 K1X 8 K1X 9 K1X 10 K1X 11 K1X 12 K1X 13 K1X 14



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